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About Us

       Hi, welcome to Three Inches Hand Embroidery. I am Eric. A year ago, when I was scrolling through my Instagram, a couple of hand embroidery hoop arts that popped out triggered my creative nerves. This inspired me to create my own hand embroidery hoop art, which allowed me to bring out my artwork in a unique and creative perspective. I have years of experience in painting and fabric crafting, so it gave me the ability to design my own patterns. This is an easy to learn and affordable hobby which is suitable for everyone. All of my hoop-arts are in 3-inch embroidery hoop, that is why I named my workshop Three Inches Hand Embroidery.

        Three Inches Hand Embroidery is a workshop that provides hand embroidery online tutorials. There are basic guided videos to help you get started at Hand Embroidery 101. All the detailed video tutorials will guide you step by step from the beginning to the end.


        Feel free to explore the website and Happy Embroidering!

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